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Office Hours: 
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Office Policy RRL Medical P.C.

Confidentiality of Medical Records

With the exception of lab reports, I do not release medical records(office progress notes):
A signed release request from patient to release records to another physician
An insurance company for “reimbursement review.” Unfortunately, a request for records from insurance companies is almost always a “detour tactic” to withhold payment. Rarely does it produce reimbursement for the medical service rendered. Legally, a CPT code and proof of the visit is all that is necessary to receive contractual payment. Payers, too often, place themselves between the patient and the physician- using office records unfairly to rule against appropriate diagnosis and treatment and thus avoid legitimate payment.


We ask that patients do not call the office for diagnostic test results. The results can only be interpreted by Dr. Rifai; therefore, we ask that you please wait until your next appointment for discussion of these results and treatment plan.

Please understand that we have a large patient population also waiting for results and it disrupts the smooth flow of the office to give all patients their results.

Payment Policy & Information

We do not take insurance assignments.

We are an out of network provider. Your payments may include Dr. Rifai’s consultation visits, IV infusion therapy, IM injections, phlebotomy, and medical supplies.

Full payment is “due at the time of your visit.”

We accept Amex, M/C, Visa, and Discover Card

Your financial obligation is to Dr. Rifai directly. Your health care contract is with your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Your reimbursement will vary depending on your health insurance policy.

Unfortunately, we are not a Medicare provider. Medical prescriptions must be sent to the office 48 hours before refills are due.

All balances must be paid prior to the next visit (visit are scheduled 1-2 weeks apart).


Specialty lab fees for diagnostic purposes are separate expenses at the time of the visit. Other blood tests will put through Northern Westchester Hospital lab and then billed to your insurance.


Our office contacts you a day or two before your appointment to remind you of your scheduled visit. Our office must be notified of a cancellation at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment date. This gives our office enough time to fill your place with another patient from a long waiting list. We are filled more than three months in advance and we do not double book patients. You will be charged a regular office visit fee if the appointment has been missed without notifying the office.

Dr. Rifai understands that tick-borne illness can cause financial hardship. If you have been ill for an extended period of time, you have already had significant medical expenses prior to your visit with us. Dr. Rifai will make every effort to render her diagnosis and your treatment in the most cost-effective manner possible.

First Initial Visit

New patients will be required to reserve his/her appointment (1 1/2 – 2 hr) with a credit card. The card will not be charged until the time of your scheduled appointment. Failure to show for your appointment or give our office at least 72 hours notice prior to either cancelling or rescheduling will result in a full first visit fee.

Established Patients

For return office visits a credit card will be required to reserve you next appointment. You will not be charged until your scheduled visit is completed. Failure to keep your appointment or give our office 72 hours notice prior to you cancelling or rescheduling, will result in full payment for the missed appointment. However, if your appointment can be filled and not lost then there will be no charge for the missed visit.